Cairo, 2018

Click on the respective link to download a pdf/video of the chosen presentation as shown at Aviation Africa 2018, in Cairo

  Jeffrey L.Troy, Exec. Director Aviation   ISAC   Keynote: Threat intelligence sharing  

  Andrew Nicholson, Chief Executive Officer   Osprey Flight Solutions   Understanding Risk. How shared information can make airlines and operators aware of the daily changing threat  

  Sanjeev Gadhia, Chief Executive Officer   Astral Aviation   Freight: Why Africa's cargo carriers should be embracing change growing the freight markets  
  Marcel Jansen, Head of Sales   aviationscouts GmbH   Case Study: Cost reduction for smaller airlines  
  Craig Rooney, Partner
Elizabeth Lambert-James, Senior Associate
  Clyde & Co LLP   Emergency Response: Some key considerations from a carrier's perspective  
  Taieb Ben Sghaier, Services & Market Analyst   Rolls-Royce   African growth horizons: An overview of the market potential across the continent  
  Ivan Hutter, Director - Marketing Europe & Africa   GE Aviation   Why Big Data is big business for the aerospace industry and how aviation will benefit - video 1 / video 2  
  Paul Bogan, Regional Design Director for Systems & Technology MEA
Martin Vallance, Digital Asset Management
  Atkins   Digital Asset Management: Using digital data & technology to reduce costs, control risks and improve whole life asset performance  
  Alia Twal, Governor - Arabian Section   99s Women Pilots Organisation   Recognising the role that women have in meeting future demands for pilots  


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